Truest Solutions in Backlink Usages

Truest Solutions in Backlink Usages

Do you want to learn to better estimate the value of a link? Then read this blog about link value in which we give you more guidelines.

Check the quality of websites and links with tools such as Ahrefs or Semrush

Find out the domain authority of another website with tools like Ahrefs or Semrush. Also check how much traffic the website receives monthly. That way you can better determine how much a link is worth.

Ahrefs is also a very valuable tool if you want to keep an eye on the progress of your link building activities.

Keep track of your link building collaborations for your webshop in a document

Keep one document containing all your link building collaborations for your webshop. Store as much relevant information as possible here – both from the parties you have already worked with and from those who were not interested in a collaboration. Why? On the one hand, this ensures a clear overview of all written articles in the long term and on the other hand you can see which parties you no longer need to approach for collaboration. In addition, good registration helps you to monitor the results. This way you will soon be able to better estimate which links have helped you improve your positions in the search results. As you buy backlinks you can find the best deals now.

Ensure continuity in backlinks

Ensure continuity in the number of backlinks you receive each month. For example, if you get thirty backlinks one month and only one the other month, chances are that Google sees those thirty backlinks as an unnatural development. Such a finding can lead to Google lowering your pages – or even removing them completely from the results overview. Does this mean that you should have the same number of collaborations every month? No. But make sure that the differences don’t diverge too far.

Focus on do-follow links

In link building for web shops it is important to focus on links with a so-called DoFollow tag in the HTML code. This is because ‘Do follow’ is a command that ensures that the value of the referring website is passed on to the receiving website. Its counterpart, the ‘NoFollow’ link, does the exact opposite no link value is passed. Such a copy therefore does not help you in obtaining better positions in Google’s search results. Therefore, always check when an article is live whether the links are actually do-follow.

Link building is no longer what it used to be. The times of exchanging links and submitting your website to collection pages are definitely over. A link building strategy with paid links and links via link farms is an absolute no go.

Google penalizes such artificial links with a lower ranking. But what is the right link building strategy?

In this blog you will get nine tips to get high-quality backlinks to your website. This makes your link building strategy for 2020 completely on point.


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