Social  Media Tools: How Data-Driven Tools Like NetbaseQuid

Social  Media Tools: How Data-Driven Tools Like NetbaseQuid

From local businesses to global business giants, any company today knows how essential a strong social media strategy is to their success. Modern consumers appreciate the information they are looking for via a casual social media platform while having the ability to have a social experience with other consumers. Social media marketing gives users a connection with the brand, business, and products that are informal and genuine. This connection and the ability to collect information via social media translates directly to brand success, sales, and new clients.

Why Social Media Tools Have Become Essential

To succeed in today’s social media world, tools have become crucial. A great social media strategy should feel organic and unique to the brand. However, it is also essential to understand and track how various elements of social media and content is resonating with the business’s followers and demographics. This is where a plethora of social media tools will give the companies a leg up.

Social media tools vary widely in their offerings. Businesses can review this wide variety of tools to see what information is important to them, based on their target audience and size. Many top platforms, such as Brandwatch and Hootsuite, are perfect for small to mid-size companies. However, larger entities, such as global brands like Walmart need brands that offer more in-depth analytics and social media monitoring to gather a higher volume of data.

How Social Media Tools Can Create Data Overload

Today’s most successful businesses, especially global businesses, it isn’t simply important to have a great social media strategy that appeals to their target demographics. Even the best social media strategies are rendered useless if the data can’t be properly analyzed and used. Many of today’s top social media tools focus on gathering as much data as possible to provide to their customers. However, this becomes an issue when the data is rendered useless by the sheer volume of it, much of which may not be truly useful. This is what is known as data overload.

NetBaseQuid: Cutting through the Piles of Data

NetbaseQuid is the result of a forward-thinking merger between NetBase and Quid, two separate leading analytics platforms that came together to provide companies with the next generation in detailed analytics. NetBase is a global leader in in-depth social media analytics. Businesses use it to gain business insights that help them build their marketing, PR, sales, and customer service strategies. Quid is an industry leader in gathering analytics from artificial intelligence (AI) content. The goal of these industry leaders merging is to provide deep contextual analytics that will allow customers to gather data – both structured and unstructured – from across almost any platform.

Businesses using NetBaseQuid won’t just have access to data, but they will be able to create actionable strategies. Unlike other top social media tools, NetBaseQuid is able to cut through the issue of data overload. NetbaseQuid outshines these social media platforms by transforming all of this data into a specific plan tailored to each business.

How your Business Can Benefit from Advanced Social Media Analytics

When businesses gather data from social media, online reviews, news articles, digital forums, and even reviews of specific products it often just adds up as a mound of data that can feel overwhelming. NetBaseQuid’s focus is to use all of this data to help businesses using this platform to create world-leading social media strategies. We live in a data-driven world.

A great social media marketing strategy is especially focused on using data collection to constantly understand how people respond to its social media effort.

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