Social listening using Netbase Quid social media analytics

Social listening using Netbase Quid social media analytics

As technology continues to revolutionize, consumer interests have also changed. This has brought about competitive times in the business sector. Previously, just quality and good branding were enough for businesses to thrive. But not now, the playing field has been leveled off. Social listening helps in social media analytics by knowing the target audience. Instead of just relying on general assumptions, it gives you an opening to get more specific. For example, you could leave out an audience by assuming most women in a certain age bracket love the same thing.

Getting the relevant answers from social media to address customers’ needs in a personalized way. Look at interests, profession, bio-terms among other that give you a clear evaluation of social media analytics. This information is just not out in the open. It could sound intrusive to ask about a customer’s ethnicity or interests.

This information is gotten through psychographic information, it involves interests, attitudes, and opinions. Participate actively in discussions that your customers have. This is whether it is on your brand or beyond. In this case, you can advertise your product in a more specific manner.

It gives room to explore segments of social media. This gives the broader potential to new markets. This area is limitless and is mostly guided by interests or sentiments.

Social media analytics on sentimental metric

Consumer loyalty is the most important card you could play when evaluating media analytics. Understand what their deepest emotions are, both positive and negative. You can measure sentiment based on passion intensity and positive or negative sentiments. This works perfectly when trying to enhance trust and loyalty. But first, make sure sentimental analysis is accurate and transparent. To achieve this, you need to evaluate communication. Sentimental analysis tool has to catch the expression of sentiments in social media. In terms of emoji’s, slang, formal speech, sarcasm, or more. Language is important regardless of whether it is English, French or any other language.

Using the correct language in media analysis helps to choose the correct words that apply to the target audience. Images are also a part of social listening.

  • Are you using the age-appropriate picture to your target audience?
  • Socially acceptable content?
  • Cultural respecting content?

Factors that can affect social listening

  • Lack of sentimental analysis tools.

Are you getting the right information from social analysis? Without this information, all efforts to understand social listening will be off. This is how you understand consumers and get feedback on your products. Most customers may not go directly to comment positively or negatively. However, state something beyond your brand.

An example of a post “#eating pizza watching talking show”. You could use this sentiment attached to advertise pizza on the program.

  • Poor communication.

This is in terms of the language used or a message taken from the consumer. Advertising has changed to a more personal way. Interests keep changing and sometimes it can be hard to please everyone at the same time. In case this happens you end up getting the wrong analysis that results in poor communication. Using the wrong language on the right platform can be a costly move. Therefore, your analysis tool must-have tools for language analysis. It must also vary with idiosyncrasies with global languages.

Social insight on idiosyncrasies

This is mainly focused on what society thinks about your brand. For example;

  • Eating certain foods can cause you to get fat.
  • Drinking juice to replenish after visiting the gym
  • health effects on your body associated with your product

As a brand, you need to know how you will get past all these assumptions. Each brand has its assumptions to break. You can invite a specialist in medical or any other relevant area to break the stigma.

Having a good social analytics tool is good to ensure that you get the right content from feedback, opinion, or any other way of social listening. NetbaseQuid gives your brand quality service and social listening tools for business success.

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