How to remove PDF protection

How to remove PDF protection

Write protection can protect a PDF file from unwanted changes. In order to make changes afterwards, you can remove the PDF protection with one of the following tools.

  • Remove PDF write protection after entering the password

If you still remember the PDF password but want to disable it for the future, the free PDFill PDF Tools will help.

  1. Install the software and start PDFill Tools.
  2. After clicking on “3. Encrypt and Decrypt Options”, an Explorer window opens in which you can select the PDF whose write protection is to be removed.
  3. Now enter the password and save the PDF without write protection by clicking on >> Decrypt AS … <<
  • Remove PDF write protection if you forget your password

You can also remove the PDF write protection if you no longer remember the password. There are a number of tools that you can try out one after the other:

  1. With the PDFill PDF Tools recommended above, a virtual printer is automatically installed for creating PDFs. Some protected PDF files can be converted into a new, unprotected PDF in this way.
  2. If the PDF cannot be printed, not even virtually, you can remove the print lock with the help of another practical tip.
  3. The online PDF converter will automatically try to unlock your PDF file. You can then save the unlocked file again.
  4. You can use the AnyPDF tool to unlock password protected PDF. To do this, upload the PDF on and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, this method does not work with all types of PDF protection.
  5. The freeware PDF Unlocker tries the brute force method, which means it tries all possible character strings as a password. Unfortunately, this is not always successful either.
  6. The freeware PDFCrack is somewhat more intelligent, but less easy to use. You can also enter a list of character strings here if you use certain passwords more often, for example, or if you roughly remember the password. The list is processed, followed by a brute force attack.
  7. With a little patience, the paid software Advanced PDF Password Recovery will guide you safely to your destination. The demo version cracks all passwords with up to four characters, the full version can also handle longer passwords.

If the read-only PDF file is plain text, you might find it helpful to print the file and then scan it back in using FreeOCR font recognition. A screenshot and graphics program such as Paint.NET may help with other content.

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