How to decide whether you should go for public or private hosting

How to decide whether you should go for public or private hosting

There are around 1.8 billion websites today. This number shows how important it has become to have websites to show the online presence. However, it can be difficult to decide what kind of hosting suits your requirements.

A private cloud, in simple terms, means that it is there internally and there is protection using your internet connection. Naturally, it is private. Public cloud, on the other hand, means that the data is stored on the server of the service provider. There are companies that can provide both these facilities, such as WeHaveServers. However, it can become difficult to understand which server does one require.

Security: There might be security concerns when it comes to a public hosting. The server is not meant only for you. However, for private clouds, on the other hand, there is increased security. One can deploy several services such as firewalls, authentication systems and so on.

Flexibility and control: When it comes to private cloud services, there is more amount of flexibility and control. Naturally, this is because you will be the only one using it. On the other hand, that amount of control is not available for public hosting. 

Cost: The upfront costs are higher in case of a private cloud as compared to a public cloud. This can be a deciding factor for many.

Customization: When it comes to a private cloud, there is a more amount of customization that can be enjoyed by the user. You can add features that suit your needs. That kind of facility is not available for public clouds, especially to that degree.

Performance requirements: Private clouds can help you access data faster and give better performance. Public clouds are dependent on the transfer of the internet that you own.

Scalability: Public cloud servers can enable one to scale up and down very easily. On the other hand, for private cloud services additional hardware is required. 

These are the 6 points to consider when you are choosing a cloud service. Based on personal preferences, the cloud service you need will differ.

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