Avoiding phishing attacks: Train your employees

Avoiding phishing attacks: Train your employees

Businesses are constantly grappling with security challenges, and it seems that there is no absolute way of being of 100% immune to cyberattacks. The 2020 pandemic has caused massive disruptions in operations, and teams are now scattered, with many employees working from home. This has also increased the risk of phishing attacks. All it takes is a mistake on part of the IT team, and the cybercriminal may hack into a device, network, or IT environment. Phishing is often considered to be the most common social engineering technique that hackers use. One of the key steps that works against phishing is employee training. 

Identifying access, roles and rights

Even an average employee of your organization is handling a considerable amount of sensitive information every single day. Identifying who has access to which resources, and having a clear system for managing, updating, editing and reviewing these rights is important. When employees are aware of their roles in information security, they actually are more vigilant and that can prevent phishing attacks. 

Make security training a part of onboarding process

Instead of just telling your employees about the basic rights and responsibilities, make sure that cybersecurity is a part of the onboarding process. This just ensures that businesses get trained people, who are not prone to making silly mistakes while browsing through websites and emails. 

Focus on emails

Most phishing attacks occur through emails. Hackers will either send an email with a suspicious link that demands information, or will send an attachment that may seem like a legit download. Once downloaded, the file will work as a malware, typically a trojan, to steal information, snoop on employee activities, or just to launch further malware attack. In many cases, the email may ask the user to share information that’s sensitive against a payment. 

Through employee training, you can prevent such incidents. There is no better way of putting this – Aware employees are your biggest asset against hackers. They know the ground rules, dos and don’ts. 

Get help

If you are unsure of how to go ahead with cybersecurity employee training, there are companies that can help with this. You can focus on other aspects, while your extended service will conduct workshops and programs from time to time. 

Check online now to find more on how other companies are handling employee training for preventing phishing attacks, and this is definitely worth the money spent. Also, workshops on cybersecurity don’t have to be expensive.

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