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Send HTTP Tool 

Free HTTP Request builder that enable you to send request to any URL and analyze the response. Use many of the build-in HTTP options: 26 HTTP method, HTTP protocol, use proxy, pipeline, HTTP post your data,  modify headers and many more options.

In just few seconds build your HTTP and send it to the web. View full detailed report of the web response that contain HTML code, cookies from site, returned headers and more.

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Generate your HTTP request in seconds

Using Send HTTP Tool you will be able to create and send HTTP request in just few seconds. Select your HTTP method, enter your URL. Modify HTTP header, choose the cache policy and other HTTP options and send your request. Now, when the HTTP response returned from the web, you can view detailed report.

Support many HTTP Option

Send HTTP Tool support many HTTP built in options: HTTP method such post & get, delete, more and more, HTTP protocols, Post text data from a file or by size, use chuck to send it, use pipeline, set the request timeout, enable and set the number of allowed redirections. Setup your proxy server to send the request through. Modify your HTTP Headers. When done send it to your URL.

Analyze your HTTP Response

After sending your HTTP request to the web you will get the HTTP response, first thing you will see is the HTTP status code and the response time. If you want more details about the response just click to view report and then your will see all you need: HTTP Cookies of the response, response headers, analyze the HTML code of the response and more other response properties.


What Send HTTP Tool support when sending HTTP request?
  • 26 HTTP Method: GET HTTP, POST HTTP, PUT & HEAD, Delete, Move, and more…
  • HTTP Header: Send HTTP Header request and Analyze HTTP Header Response.
  • HTTP URL: Send your HTTP request to any HTTP URL you need.
  • HTTP POST: Post your text data or let us do it by the size you need.
  • HTTP Timeout: select the HTTP Request timeout.
  • 2 HTTP Protocol: Select the HTTP protocol that your request will use.
  • HTTP Redirect: Enable and set the max HTTP Redirection of your HTTP request.
  • HTTP Proxy Server: Select your HTTP proxy server and the request will go through it.
  • HTTP Cache policy: Choose your HTTP Request Cache policy from our list.
  • And more…
What Send HTTP Tool support when getting the HTTP response?
  • HTTP Response Code: Support all HTTP status code.
  • HTTP Response Time: The time of getting the response from the web ( Time to load the full first reply)
  • Response Header: Get all the HTTP headers of the response.
  • HTTP Cookie: View all the returned HTTP cookie details.
  • Response HTML: View the response HTML code.
  • And More…

Price: Free
Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.
Version: 2.6.2
Last Update: February 28, 2015
File Name: SendHTTPTool_Setup.exe
File Size: 603.3 kB
Total Downloads: 54307

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